Commercial Law




We deal with the establishment and management of personal and capital companies (Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership, S.A., Ltd., Private Limited Company), the amendments to the articles of association, the administrative operation, the Assembly of partners, the decisions and minutes of Administration and general meeting, the infringement and annulment of decisions of management or partners meeting, the partners’ protection /partners rights, the protection from illegal management actions, the compensation against management members, the management problems (judicial appointment), the com any’s closure (dissolution and liquidation).

We also specialize on the Application of the new Act 4548/2018 concerning the Societ`e Anonyme, on the offshore companies establishment and on the legal framework on securities – such as all kinds of issues related to checks, bills of exchange, promissory notes, debentures (debt obligations), forfeits and bills of landing.


Ομόρρυθμη Εταιρεία

Διαδικασία σύστασης Ο.Ε Για να συσταθεί μία ομόρρυθμη εταιρία απαιτείται η σύμβαση δύο ή περισσότερων φυσικών ή νομικών προσώπων, τα

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