Criminal Law



Legal aid – Defense

We undertake the legal aid and defense of our principals already from the stage of pre-investigation, the main Investigation before the Judicial Councils and the Criminal Courts of all levels.


At the same time, we represent natural and legal persons to declare civil action in offenses committed against them (submission of lawsuits – charges, monitoring the course of criminal prosecution, representation of civil action in the pre-trial and hearing).

We specialize in financial crimes, bribery in the private and public sector, corruption and money laundering.


Αποδοχή της κληρονομιάς

Δήλωση αποδοχής κληρονομίας Η δήλωση αποδοχής κληρονομίας αποτελεί την έκφραση της βούλησης του κληρονόμου να γίνει οριστικός διάδοχος του κληρονομουμένου.Η

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