Urban Development Law


Urban Development Law


Our experts hold an extended experience on matters arising during the issuance of building permits process (such as issue validity or issue revision, updating of file etc). Furthermore, we are engaged in cancellation of a building permit or in validation of a building permit in the case of having been challenged by third parties for cancellation. We deal with issues outside the construction plan, arrangement of arbitrary constructions (with laws 3843/2010, 4014/2011 4178/2013 and 4495/2017) and violation of urban planning fines for construction and maintenance of arbitrary. We also undertake issues that arise from the implementation of spatial plans (urban planning, road planning, etc.).

We deal with issues such as the protection of the personality against the environment infringement (personal injury lawsuits, precautionary measures, etc.) as well as the application of neighboring law (i.e. legal protection against noise, music, smoke and soot, heat, vibration or other similar actions deriving from a neighboring property).


Συμβούλια Πολεοδομικών Θεμάτων και Αμφισβητήσεων (ΣΥΠΟΘΑ)-Συμβούλια Αρχιτεκτονικής

Συμβούλια Πολεοδομικών Θεμάτων και Αμφισβητήσεων (ΣΥΠΟΘΑ) (ΣΧΟΠ/1983, ΣΧΟΠΑΔ/2011, ΣΥΠΟΘΑ/2011)   Τα Συμβούλια Πολεοδομικών Θεμάτων και Αμφισβητήσεων(ΣΥΠΟΘΑ)συγκροτούνται με απόφαση του αρμόδιου

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