Labor and Insurance Law



Labor and Insurance Law

Our Experts handle with great sensitivity matters where labor law is applicable and monitor the constantly changing legislative developments. We undertake pre-agreements and employment contracts, independent services contracts, forced and competitive employment contracts, on probation or accession employment, special employment contracts with people with disabilities, contract terminations and information on issues of salary, leave, allowances, dismissal, parallel employment, equal treatment. We deal with all types of labor lawsuits, compensation claims, work accidents, collective and individual lawsuits against Private and Public Legal Entities. You are guaranteed by the Constitution the freedom to organize a trade union and to engage in union activities and we provide you with all the information needed to do so, as well as with the information on the right to strike, on the establishment / dissolution of trade unions and on the claiming of rights arising from Collective Bargaining Agreements. We have experience in Social Security Law, filing lawsuits against an employer for non-insurance, appearing before the Labor Inspectorate, lump-sum rights and cash benefits.


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1)Η έννοια του «Εργατικού Ατυχήματος» Η Νομοθεσία δεν ορίζει συγκεκριμένα ποια από τα ατυχήματα είναι εργατικά. Ειδικότερα, στο άρθρο 8

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